Our Products


Light pole detailThe material we are using for the construction of the poles is 6063 T6 alloy of aluminium which is certified according to ISO 9000.
The characteristics of the specific alloy provide the necessary elasticity of the material as well as great endurance.
The efforts that aluminium pole provides are too many.

  • Light weight, so it is easy to cary and install.
  • Perfect design. The pole consists of a unified section and so it has no welding beads or any other type of conections.
  • Resistance against corrosion
  • There are no external overlays and therefore there is no need for maintenance
  • It provides high elasticity and so it has a good behaviour in case of an accident
  • There is no rust
  • Sturdy and enduring material
  • 100% recycled
  • With the right treatment it has lasts forever

Watch a photo gallery of our products, the way they are manifactured as well as our facility buildings