Even though aluminium is a new material, it is widely used in the construction section. The special characteristics such as it's low specific weight 2.7 kg/dm³, it's three times smaller weight than steel, it's resistance in corrosion, it's elasticity, the perfection of design of it's surfaces and it's functionality make it unbeatable. Greece has the oportunity to produce bauxite deposits, which is the first material for the production of aluminium. This fact, advances Greece against other countries that are forced to import aluminium. The field of aluminium in Grece, is the most powerfull section of greek industry, in which thousands of workers and employees activate and work

The contiguous growing usage of aluminium in construction field, prooves the superiority of aluminium against other competitive materials as well as the trust that it's special characteristics have gained from the techical section

Read more explicitly the general and special construction characteristics of the flag and lighting poles.

General Characteristics of light poles

The legislation that defines the specification of light poles in European level is the EN 40. According to this, some necessary elements in reference to light poles, are defined.

The main material that is used to construct poles is 6063 alloy of aluminium that has as main constructive elements Al, Mg, Si. This material has endurance relative to that of steel St 37. As an extra characteristic we note the increased endurance during weather changes. It's chemical composition is according to DIN1725. More specificaly the following stand:

Rp0,2 = 160 - 200 (Mpa)
Rm = 215 - 230 (Mpa)
A5 = 10%
Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 23. 10-6 m/(m.K) between 20C and 100C
Density: 2,71 gr/cm³ at 20C

Special characteristics of light poles

Detail from light pole access doorAll light poles have an access door in the appropriate height. The access door can be sealed and secured with security key, which makes third party access impossible. A special hinge does not allow the detachmet of the door from the rest of the pole, it provides though full access to the user. In some cases the door is delivered with a gasket for greater protection.>

The lack of overlays, makes the maintenance, costless. As a result aluminium poles need no maintenance and they can last for ever. Their surface is satin, which offers high design sense.
The errection of the poles can be done either by implanting a part of the pole into the ground or using a gasket. In both ways, our company serves full solutions

Technical specification of light poles

- Pole height.
The distance from the ground to the light-body attachement spot.
- Base diameter.
The diameter of the pole at the ground position.
- Top diameter.
The pole diameter at the point where the light body attaches. It differs according to the height of the flag and usually it is 60m, 76mm ή 89mm
- Ground base.
It consists of a metal gasket of the right size, for the best and most secure installation of the pole. The dimensions differ according to the height of the pole.
- Access door.
Every pole has an access door for the installation of the sidebox. The door is usually at 0.8m from the ground of the pole or in any other height that the user wishes. The dimensions differ according to the type of the pole. The access door has a security lock and an inside hinge, making any kind of breach or detachement impossible.
- Pole surface.
The pole is delivered in a satin design look. It's surface renders perfect design and endurance to erosion. The lack of external overlay makes the maintenance of the pole costless. All poles can be painted using electro-static paint.
- Storing & Carrying.
All poles are delivered wrapped in crepe paper for their protection during the transfer and installation. The small weight of aluminum makes the transportation and installation just a simple procedure. In caes of storing a pole in a moist enviroment, it is nessecary to remove the protection paper.

Conical Light Poles
Lenght Base Top Thickness
3,0m. 110mm. 60mm. 3mm.
3,5m. 110mm. 60mm. 3mm.
4,0m. 110mm. 60mm. 3mm.
4,5m. 110mm. 60mm. 3mm.
5,0m. 110mm. 60mm. 3mm.
5,5m. 110mm 60mm. 3mm.
6,0m. 110mm. 60m. 3mm.

6,0m. 140mm. 76mm. 4mm.
6,5m. 140mm. 76mm. 4mm.
7,0m. 140mm. 76mm. 4mm.
7,5m. 140mm. 76mm. 4mm.
8,0m. 140mm. 76mm. 4mm.
9,0m. 140m. 76mm. 4mm.

Straight light poles
Length Base Top Thickness
3,0m. 100mm. 60-76mm. 3m.
3,5m 100m. 60-76mm. 3mm.
4,0m. 100mm. 60-76mm 3mm.
4,5m 100mm. 60-76mm. 3mm.
5,0m. 100mm. 60-76mm. 3mm.
5,5m 100mm. 60-76mm. 3mm.

Technical overview of flag poles

The conical flag pole, made of aluminium, offers perfect design and great endurance to all weather conditions.

Our company delivers flag poles in all kinds of size, covering this way the special needs of every application.

All poles contain an aluminium cleat, a flag suspension system also made of aluminium with a special roller, made of nylon which avoids the embranglement of the rope during the hoist or the strike of the flag. The errection of a pole can be accomplished either by implanting a part of the pole into the ground or by using a gasket. In both cases our company offers integrated solutions

Length in m. Base diameter in mm. Top diameter im mm. Wing without flag Wing with flag Flag dimensions
5m 110mm 60mm 200klm/h 160klm/h 0,9m x 1,5m
6m 110mm 60mm 180klm/h 140klm/h 0,9m x 1,5m
7m 110mm 60mm 150klm/h 110klm/h 0,9m x 1,5m
8m 110mm 60mm 120klm/h 90klm/h 0,9m x 1,5m

6m 140mm 80mm 240klm/h 200klm/h 0,9m x 1,5m
7m 140mm 80mm 180klm/h 140klm/h 1,2m x 1,8m
8m 140mm 80mm 160klm/h 120klm/h 1,5m x 2,4m
9m 140mm 80mm 140klm/h 110klm/h 1,5m x 2,4m
10m 140mm 80mm 110klm/h 90klm/h 1,5m x 2,4m